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How can I be useful to a Hotel owner, Hotel Manager, or public service...

Space management solution:

YOU: are an owner and you decide to build a hotel with Thalassotherapy center, SPA or Wellness or to add to your existing hotel such a place to offer this facility for clients looking for "Health tourism".

I can manage your space knowing perfectly the rules of operating, in the most profitable way and with such esthetic and comfort, which will make your future clients happy. I can guide an architect to do a layout for engineering project, cooperate with interior designer, following the rules of Feng Shui, suggest most convenient equipment and cosmetic product for your type of project, assume recruitment and training of your staff, invest my experience and professional relations for marketing, start to operate. When the daily routine is established, I train the local manager and leave him/her to follow this project under my supervsion.

Launching a SPA/Wellenss or other project:

YOU: have a space, isolated or within the hotel, connecting with other facilities, which doesn't work properly or at all. Maybe your Golf Club House needs to be updated and adapted for more comfort for your clients.

I can study the elements, create and launch a concept, with a new team, new programs, new marketing plan, orientation and means, in the newly decorated/renovated space.


YOU: don't know why your center is not successful

I: can make a quality audit, find the reasons, solutions and execute them.

Program Creation:

YOU: run a center (Beauty Salon, Fitness Center e.t.c) and wish to update it because of strong concurrence.

I: bring you fresh ideas, and make suggestions on how to develop and progress or re-look at your space.

Communication, training:

YOU: have cooperation or communication problems in your team

I: can study the character of the situation and prepare seminars or training cources for your staff,. T.E.A.M means Together Everyone Achieves More and with this philosophy and ***** we can create a harmonious team.


YOU: wish to create a school for specialties missing in your profession: SPA hostess, SPA therapist
I: can create your study program, help in marketing, be the teacher

Public presentation:

YOU: need to organize a graphic presentation of what you offer, conference, and seminar about your activities

I can produce a marketing concept, make a speech, a program, a presentation and an interview for media (fashion magazines, T.V.) I can supervise the design of publicaitons and produce professional looking brochures, cards, vouchers that represent exactly what you offer.